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How to Get Your Clothing Brand in Stores


If you’re an entrepreneur with a clothing product line, your ultimate goal is to have your brand sold in stores. But, how do you make that happen? It’s not as easy as simply contacting retailers and handing over your products. There are a lot of steps involved in getting your clothing brand into stores, and it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. However, using the following suggestions and tips will assist you in placing your brand in stores. In this article, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to get your clothing brand into stores. So, read on for all the tips you need!


What to Do Before Approaching Retailers

Before you sell your brand in stores, there are some important steps you need to take.

Develop a Brand: This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s important to have a well-developed brand before approaching retailers. Your brand should have a strong identity and be easily recognizable. It should contain a logo that is trademarked. It should also be consistent across all platforms, from your website to your social media to your packaging.

Grow a Following on Social Media: Retailers will want to see that you have a strong social media following before they will agree to sell your products. So, make sure you’re actively posting on all your platforms and engaging with your fans and followers.

Make Sure Your Business is Ready For More Sales: Before you start selling in stores, you need to make sure your business is ready for the increase in sales. This means having a good inventory management system in place so you can keep track of your stock and also having a solid logistics system set up so you can fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

Determine Your Pricing: This is an important step in getting your clothing line in stores. You need to make sure your prices are competitive with other brands in your category; but, also that you’re making a profit. Retailers will want to see that you have a clear pricing strategy in place before they agree to sell your products.


How to Get Your Brand in Stores

Once you’ve taken care of the steps above, you can start thinking about how to get your brand in stores. Here are some tips:

Research Retailers: The first step is to research retailers that might be a good fit for your brand. Look at their website and social media to get a sense of their aesthetic and see if they carry brands similar to yours. You can also attend trade shows and meet with buyers from different stores to get a better idea of what they’re looking for.

Go to Trade Shows: Trade shows are a great way to meet with potential retailers and show them your products in person. They’re also a great opportunity to network with other clothing companies and learn about the industry. There are trade shows specifically for the clothing industry, so research the largest shows that are right for you.

Create a Product Line Sheet: Once you’ve decided which retailers you want to approach, the next step is to create a product line sheet. This is a document that contains all the information about your products, including pricing, descriptions, and photos. It’s important to have a professional-looking product line sheet that’s easy to navigate so retailers can quickly find the information they need.

Contact Retail Stores: Once you have your line sheet ready, it’s time to contact retailers. You can either email buyers or call them to set up an appointment to show them your products. Make sure you’re prepared to answer any questions they might have about your brand and products.

Perfect Your Pitch: When you meet with potential retailers, you need to have a pitch ready. This is your chance to sell them on your brand and products, so make sure you’re clear about your USP (unique selling proposition) and why you think their customers will love your products.

Bring Samples: When you meet with retailers, it’s important to bring samples of your clothing line so they can see the quality and get a better idea of how they would look in their store.

Follow Up: After you’ve met with retailers, follow up with them. Send an email, give them a call to thank them for their time; or, better yet, mail a note of thanks. 

Negotiate Reasonable Terms: Once you’ve found a retailer who wants to sell your products, it’s time to negotiate terms. Make sure you’re clear about the percentages you want and be prepared to compromise. Do your research to determine what your competitors are negotiating with the same retailers. Typically, retailers will want a 50% discount on clothing; however, if you are starting out, you may be asked for a 60% or even 65% discount on retail prices. Before you meet with a retailer, make sure you know your bottom line. Retailers will usually want exclusive rights to sell your products in their store, so be prepared to negotiate on that, as well.



Getting your clothing product line in stores can be a great way to increase sales and exposure for your brand. But, it’s important to do your research and prepare your business before you start approaching retailers. By following the tips above, you’ll be in a good position to get your products into stores and grow your business successfully.