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Tools & Equipment Needed To Start a Clothing Line

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If you’re thinking of starting your own clothing line, it’s important to understand the equipment and tools you’ll need to get started. This article will outline the key equipment and tools you’ll need to get started in the industry.


Essential Tools For any Clothing Line

First, let’s start with the basics. Every clothing designer or industry professional needs certain equipment and tools in order to get started. These include:

  • Tape measure: an essential tool for taking accurate measurements of both fabric and the human body.
  • Scissors: invest in a high-quality pair of scissors for cutting fabric.
  • Needles: start with a variety of needles, some for hand-sewing and others for machine-sewing.
  • Dress forms: essential for creating clothing prototypes.
  • Pencils and markers: invest in high-quality items for sketching designs.
  • Rulers: have 12-inch, 24-inch, and a 3-foot yard stick on hand.
  • Tailor’s chalk: for marking fabric before cutting.
  • Seam ripper: this tool rips apart the thread in sewn seams, allowing re-sewing as needed.
  • Cutting mat: purchase mats that conform to your tables for best protection. 
  • Pattern-making tools: essential tools for creating clothing patterns; including a set of square, French curve, and hip curve tools.


Equipment Needed to Start Your Clothing Line

In addition to the basic tools listed above, you’ll also need some equipment in order to start your clothing line. This equipment includes:

  • Sewing machine: invest in the highest-quality machine you can afford.
  • Garment printer: used for printing designs onto fabric.
  • Weaving machine: used for creating fabric.
  • Knitting machine: creates knitwear.
  • Cotton-spinning machine: spins thread into yarn.
  • Steamer: used to remove wrinkles from fabric.
  • Cutting machine: used for cutting fabric.
  • Computer: used for a variety of tasks; including design, marketing, and accounting.



As is obvious, there are several items you’ll need to begin your clothing line. Equipment and tools are standard items you’ll use again and again. However, don’t let this list overwhelm you; by starting small and gradually adding equipment and tools as your business grows, you’ll be equipped at exactly the right time to start each new project. The most important element of all is to get started with a few essential tools and begin building your successful clothing line!